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Dr. Castillo accepts auto accidents, workers compensation, and personal injury cases that resulted in musculoskeletal related conditions such as neck, back and extremities pains.

Because there are so many insurance plans out there, and because coverage for chiropractic care varies widely, Dr. Castillo encourages you to contact your insurance provider and research whether his services will be covered.  

Dr. Castillo is In-Network with:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois PPO

  • Private Health Care System Networks (PHCS)

  • MultiPlan Networks

No Insurance Coverage or High Deductible

Dr. Castillo’s goal is to have everyone experience the benefits of chiropractic care. For patients who have little or no chiropractic insurance coverage, or have high deductibles we have made it easy for you to make it affordable.  We have contracted with a Discount Medical Provider Organization called ChiroHealthUSA.  Under this DMPO membership, chiropractic services can be very affordable.  If you have any questions regarding the DMPO membership please give us a call.

“Dr. Castillo always goes above and beyond to make sure all my questions are answered. He makes it a point to call out things I can do outside of his office that can help in my wellness and recovery.”

Rebecca C.

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